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The Internet site, located on the Internet at (hereinafter - the Site, the Website), uses cookies and similar technologies to guarantee maximum convenience to all Users by promptly providing personalised information. The Website uses cookies to obtain statistical data about Users' visits to the Website in order to improve the Website's services and to ensure maximum convenience for Users when visiting the Website's web pages.

This cookie agreement provides Users of the Site with information about the types of cookies that the Site uses and the purposes for which they are used.

User Consent

By remaining on the Site, the User confirms their consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy (the "Policy") in relation to that type of cookie. If the User does not consent to the Site's use of this type of cookie, the User must set their browser settings accordingly or not use the Site.

Cookie Information

While browsing any page on the Site, the page itself, as well as files called cookies, are downloaded to the User's computer. Cookies are small text files, which often include a unique anonymous identifier sent to the User's browser by the Website and stored on the hard drive of the User's computer.

Thus, it is thanks to cookies that websites are able to memorise Users' actions and preferences (language, font size, etc.) in order to identify them the next time they visit a page and react accordingly.

Cookies are used to improve performance as well as to obtain analytical information.

The information that this Site obtains through cookies helps the Site to provide Users with our services in the most convenient way possible and may also help us to build a picture of potential customers. Cookies provide Users with a personalised experience and ease of navigation on the Site, help to track the most visited web pages, determine the effectiveness of advertising and internet searches. Cookies also help to ensure that the User does not lose data from filling out application forms if the website page is refreshed.

Own cookies and third party cookies

The Site uses both its own cookies and third party cookies. Own cookies are cookies placed on the Site and processed solely for the purpose of improving the performance of the Site visited by the User.

Third-party cookies are cookies that are placed in a domain other than the domain of the website visited by the User. In case another object places cookies through the website visited by the User, such cookies are called third-party cookies or third-party cookies. Thanks to these files, the administration of the Site is able to collect information to improve the functionality and efficiency of the Site, to make it more convenient for Users.

Collection of information

Cookies are used for various purposes, including to:
• Facilitate themselves and third parties to obtain information about Users' visits to the Site.
• Analyse information about Users' page visits to improve the Site.
• Provide advertisements, messages and content created by us and third parties on this Site and on the sites of others, taking into account the interests of the User.
• Assist the User in obtaining necessary information.
• Determine the number of visitors and how they use our Site to improve the effectiveness of the
Site and to better understand the interests of its audience.

This allows the User to get to the right section of the Site each time they visit, bypassing its home page. The Site uses two types of cookies: persistent and session cookies. Session cookies store data only during the User's stay on the Site and are deleted after leaving the Site. Persistent cookies store data so that it can be accessed and used for more than one session.

Types of cookies used

The Site uses different types of cookies:

1. Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are necessary for the Site to work correctly, they allow Users to move around the Site and utilise its features. These files do not identify the User as an individual. If the User does not agree to use this type of cookie, the performance of the Site or its components may be affected.

2. Performance cookies (collect information about the use of the Websites). All information collected through them is for statistical purposes and remains anonymous. These files help to understand how Users interact with the Website by providing information about the areas they have visited and the amount of time they have spent on the Website, as well as these files show problems in the operation of the Internet resource, such as error messages. This helps to improve the performance of the Website. Analytics cookies also help to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimise the content of the Website. This type of cookie cannot be used to identify the User. All information that is collected and analysed is completely anonymous.

3. Functional cookies (collect and remember information about the User's choices on the website). The information provided by functional cookies does not allow us to identify the User or track the User's activity on websites not related to us.
These cookies serve to recognise Users returning to the Website. They allow us to personalise the content of the Website for Users. If a User blocks this type of cookie, it may affect the performance and functionality of the Website and may restrict access to content on the Website.

4. Advertising cookies. These files record information about user activities on the Internet, including visits to websites and pages, as well as data about links and adverts that Users have chosen to view. One purpose is to reflect the content on the Websites that is most relevant to the User. Another purpose is to ensure that advertising or other information can be provided in a way that more closely matches the User's interests.

Managing cookies

The user can disable the saving of cookies, restrict their creation to specific websites or set a cookie notification in their browser. The User may delete cookies from the hard drive of their personal computer at any time. However, if the User chooses to block all cookies (including strictly necessary cookies), the User will not be able to access the Site, or parts of it, or the display of pages will be limited or incorrect. If the User still has any questions about how to use cookies, the administration of the Site can be contacted at For more information on how we take care of the privacy of Users of the Site, please refer to our privacy policy.

If the User has set his/her computer to completely refuse cookies, he/she can still visit the Site anonymously until he/she wishes to use one of the Site's services. It should be borne in mind that if cookies are completely disabled, some personal services may not be provided to the User and that a User who chooses such settings will not be able to fully access all areas of the Website.

Cookie retention period

Some cookies are valid from the moment the User logs into the Site until the end of that particular browsing session. When you close your browser, these cookies become unnecessary and are automatically deleted.

Some cookies are stored on your device and are not deleted between browsing sessions when you close your browser. These cookies are called "persistent" cookies.

Third party cookies

The Site does not control the use of third party cookies by Users, therefore, when using these cookies, Users should contact the website of the relevant third party for further information.

Please note to Users: when visiting a page with content inserted from other websites, said websites may create their own cookies in the User's browser. The site does not control the use of these cookies and cannot access them due to the peculiarities of the work of cookies - only the party that originally created them has access to them. The User should independently find more information about these cookies on third party websites.

Additional Terms

The terms of this Policy apply to all our websites and online services regardless of how the User accesses the network. By accessing the Website, the User agrees to the terms of this Policy whenever they visit the Website from any device. Any changes to the terms of the Policy will be posted on the Website page. We reserve the right to change the terms of the Policy, in whole or in part. All changes and amendments will be effective from the date of their publication on the Site.

Further use of the Site confirms the User's consent to all such changes.

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